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Introducing EUROSTONE

Eurostone is a supplier, designer, processing and construction of stone products: marble, marble, onyx, ... Eurostone is currently a partner of many world companies in the field of high natural stone. level.

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Introducing EUROSTONE

"To create a beautiful, luxurious and classy building project - using natural stone is an indispensable choice."

Natural stone is known as a beautiful and durable natural material, the most luxurious is often used in particularly important projects such as citadel, castle, palace, kings and aristocracy. , religious works. Major works include the Egyptian pyramids, the Roman arena, etc. The longevity of the works over thousands of years of history is the clearest proof for the durability and value of natural stone. .

Today, along with the development of science and technology with modern machinery, facilities and equipment, the exploitation, manipulation and application of natural stone become easier and more popular.

Wide application of high quality natural stones used in interior and exterior decoration of buildings, commercial centers, apartments, high-class apartments, villas ... by self-beauty course, luxury as well as endurance of extreme weather and durability over many years.

Eurostone Joint Stock Company is a general supplier of high-end natural stone products such as Granite, Marble, Onyx, Mosaic, Eurostone's products that meet European standards and quality. Eurostone is currently a partner of many world companies in the field of high quality natural stone.

With a strategic orientation to become a leading supplier in high quality natural stone, Eurostone is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services based on the following resources:

- High quality products, imported from the world's leading brands.
- Professional consulting and sales consulting services.
- Professional, skilled construction team has enough capacity to construct large and complex projects that require high technology and use the most advanced technology.
- Warranty service and professional customer care.


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Hotline: 0903 598 407

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