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Sales Procedure

Công ty Cổ phần đá hoa cương Châu Âu - Eurostone xây dựng quy trình bán hàng chuyên nghiệp để đem đến sự thuận tiện, rõ ràng và chính xác nhất đến cho khách hàng với các sản phẩm đá ốp lát: đá hoa cương, đá marble, đá xuyên sáng,...
Eurostone specializes in providing, consulting, designing, constructing marble items for stairs, stone for kitchen, facade stone, stone for lift, stone for lobby, stone for bathroom and lavabo, stone countertops , ... We build a professional sales process to bring convenience, clarity and accuracy to our customers.
The sales process includes the following steps.

Stage 1: Survey and consultancy
We will have a professional staff to come directly to your work to measure, review and provide advice, the most suitable plan for the type of stone to use, the location should be stone tiles. .. so your work is beautiful and durable with the most time.

If you have your own ideas, templates, Eurostone will give you more suggestions to make your ideas sublimated.

Stage 2: Design
After having accurate data, we will make a detailed technical drawing of the type of stone used, the position of the stone as well as the cost you need to spend to make. You will have an overview, most specific about the project and promptly repair if not satisfied.

All of the above stages are provided free of charge by Eurostone.

Stage 3: Processing
After reaching agreement between the customer and the company, then it will reach the stage of stone processing.
Marble, marble, ... are processed according to the volume, size, design according to the design that our company has provided to customers and are coded to ensure consistency, Absolute accuracy when conducting transport to the building.

Stage 4: Construction
Eurostone's construction team will carry out construction works, deal with all problems related to waterproofing, ... in the correct order of number of stones on the stone and drawings under the close supervision of the management team. , experts with many years of experience we will ensure the quality of the work reaches the most perfect for you.

Stage 5: Acceptance test
Only after receiving the absolute consent and satisfaction of customers with our products will the project officially end.

The acceptance phase seems to be the shortest period, because all customers are satisfied with our aesthetic and quality stone tiles, even for the most demanding customers.

Stage 6: Warranty.
Warranty 01 - 02 years depending on stone products and construction items

=> Promotion and after-sales mode for customers will be applied at different times.


Construction quality is the first factor that Eurostone is committed to bringing value to customers. Not only good construction service, the company also gives customers many other attractive incentives such as:
- The price of marble construction is the most competitive in the market.
- Support transporting stones to customers in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.
- In addition, a warranty of 1 to 2 years will help you have absolute peace of mind.

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