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Warranty Terms

This regulation aims to unify the warranty policy for Eurostone's products to ensure the quality of the company's products and services.


This regulation aims to unify the warranty policy for Eurostone's products to ensure the quality of the company's products and services.


- Subjects of application: applicable for warranty of Granite, Marble, Travertine stone products ...
- Scope of application: applicable to Eurostone's sales and after-sales activities.


1. For users:
Improper implementation of the following guidelines will lead to product damage at different levels from the appearance to the durability and life of the product, which is also considered a fault. User's inactivity warrants partial or full warranty of the product.

2. Instructions for use:
2.1. Things to do

- Do not use doormat or thick carpet at key locations, with high concentration density such as the front hall, the floor before the stairs, the place to wash dishes, bowls ... to avoid slippery and avoid abrasive sand particles scratched by friction during travel. Protect the chair leg or other items that come in contact with the stone with plastic pieces or other soft objects to avoid scratching the stone surface.

- Vacuum often, especially where there are many people walking to avoid sand particles causing scratches due to walking friction.

- Use a felt or a clean towel to wipe the floor when dust or dirt is attached, you can use a damp cloth after you have squeezed out the water to clean it.

- If the stone surface is not too dirty, it should not be cleaned daily. Use fresh water with neutral soap weekly, with a clean and soft cloth to keep the stone surface clean. Every year, waterproofing is required to ensure that the stone is not stained.

- For spills that are spilled: Wipe with a paper towel, stains immediately. Only clean the soiled area, wipe from outside to inside so that the stain does not spread. Flush some mild soap and then rinse several times. Dry with a soft cloth. Repeat several times until clean.

- When pouring oil, wine, coffee, tea ... need to dry immediately to avoid seeping into the stone. The places that are easy to be dumped with dirty water need to be polished, waterproofed by the stone surface periodically and the waterproofing agents must be of the right kind so that the color of the stone is not changed.

- Marble suitable for households, office work with normal travel intensity, if using products in public places may affect the surface and durability of the product.

- When using floor polishers, it is necessary to make felt felt soft not by synthetic fibers, because normally the felt sheets use synthetic fibers. This type is only suitable for washing concrete or rough materials that are not suitable for soccer platforms.

- Can use common cleaning chemicals in the market such as: Sunlight (Unilever), Gift (Asia My Gia), Ring (My Hao), Metro Quality, Mr Muscle Glade (SC Johnson & Son) , or industrial cleaning chemicals such as Clean all, Multipupose ...

- Depending on the level of use and damage to the stone surface, it is necessary to have maintenance polishing mode for 6 months or 12 months / time or maybe longer if daily maintenance works well.

- Over a period of use (maximum of 2 years) The stone floor is scratched by mechanical effects as well as by the surrounding environment such as air humidity, sun, rain, ... floor surface is lost The ball is as glossy as the original, then the floor surface needs to be maintained and polished again.

2.2. Things to avoid.

- Do not wash stone floors or leave water or floor water on the stone surface.

- Absolutely do not use strong acidic detergents such as toilet sink, vinegar to clean Marble stone, Marble is derived from limestone (CaCO3), high acidic detergents will break cancel stone.

- Do not pull objects with sharp edges and edges on the floor.

- Wear shoes, sandals with sand, sand ... on the stone surface. Do not use hard objects to scrape or sandpaper on the stone surface.

- Avoid letting some common drinks and chemicals come into contact with the stone floor, as they can damage stone floors: juices, shaving cream, alcoholic drinks, soda, aromatherapy, water Nail polish remover, tomato sauce, mustard sauce, vinegar, supermarket cleaning chemicals, dishwashing soap, bending chemicals - hair dye, bath soaps containing EDTA, grain salt, sand , toothpaste, drain water, toilet cleaning chemicals and any solution containing acid or alkaline.

- Allow the stone surface to be severely damaged to re-polish, as such maintenance will have to be complicated, time-consuming and costly and sometimes the stone surface is damaged and cannot be repaired.

3. Product warranty
3.1. Warranty scope:

- The surface coating of the product is warranted without peeling within 01 year from the date of installation.

- 01 year warranty from the date of acceptance of the product for errors: Stone floor or wall, staircase is peeled, cracked, damaged due to incorrect construction techniques.

3.2. Scope of warranty

- There is a difference in color density of natural stone. The density of natural stone colors on the same item or different items is not considered a product error.

- Normal wear and tear during use (the edges are no longer sharp, the layer of wear and tear gradually decreases, scratches due to use process, gloss and color fade).

- Ball products are damaged by improper use as recommended by Eurostone.

- Stone products damaged by a user or a third party intentionally or accidentally causing damage, using chemicals not in accordance with the instructions, the user arbitrarily modifies the product.

- Damage occurs in force majeure circumstances such as natural disasters, storms, floods, fires, earthquakes, ... misuse of purposes and instructions for use.

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