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Policies and Regulations

Eurostone regulations and policies

1. Regulations and forms of payment

The payment term depends on the agreement in the contract.

Form of payment of 2 main forms:
- Payment by cash: sales staff directly collect money.
- Payment via bank transfer: customers directly transfer money through the company's bank account.

2. Shipping and delivery policies

- Goods will be shipped directly to your construction, the product is coded in accordance with the technical drawing.

- The recipient will be Eurostone's construction staff at the construction site.

3. Warranty policy

3.1 Scope of warranty:

- The product surface coatings are warranted without peeling within 1 year from the date of installation.

- 01 year warranty from the date of acceptance of the product for errors: Stone floor or wall, staircase is peeled, cracked, damaged due to incorrect construction techniques.

3.2 Scope without warranty

- There is a difference in color density of natural stone. The density of natural stone colors on the same item or different items is not considered a manufacturing error.

- Normal wear and tear during use (the edges are no longer sharp, the layer of wear and tear gradually decreases, scratches due to use process, gloss and color fade).

- Ball products are damaged by improper use as recommended by Eurostone.

- Stone products damaged by a user or a third party intentionally or accidentally causing damage, using chemicals not in accordance with the instructions, the user arbitrarily modifies the product.

- Damage occurs in force majeure circumstances such as natural disasters, storms, floods, fires, earthquakes, ... misuse of purposes and instructions for use.

4. Exchange / return policy and refund

Eurostone accepts to exchange / return goods in case the stone sample is completely different from the agreement in the contract.

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